I tried to register/renew a domain name, but the order failed. What should I do?

Our system will try to re-process your order and add/update the domain name in your account. 

In case the domain registration/renewal is successful this time, you will see the domain name in your account's domain list

A new receipt will be sent to the email address indicated in your account. It will be available in the order list(date range should also be indicated). 

If the order cannot be reprocessed, the money will be automatically refunded to the source of payment (funds, credit card or PayPal) in case you were charged. 

In case you do not see the refund, please submit a ticket to our Billing department providing some order-related information so that we can refund your money as soon as possible: order ID, domain name, PayPal transaction ID (if the order was placed using PayPal) or the last four digits of your credit card (if the order was placed using your credit card), and the sum that was debited. 
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